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1. Click the above image!

2. Click Sign Up on the top right hand side.

You will start earning money instantly at this site.

Clixsense has alot of members and is a fun, easy way to begin making real money online!


Click on “View Ads”

You will begin earning money instantly!








You will earn between $0.001 – $0.02 USD for each ad viewed!
Obviously you won’t get rich using this programme. But the site is paying and has been since February 2007! It is fun to watch your balance grow and you can request a cash out when your balance reaches $8.00! Remember this is real US dollars!

Are there other ways to earn money at Clixsense?
Yes. There are a few other ways you can earn money at Clixsense:


1) You can start referring people to Clixsense. As a free member you will get paid 20% of your referrals paid to click earnings. Premium members earn double this.

To refer people, you will need your Clixsense referral link.

Click on “My Account”

Under “My Affiliate Details” you will see your referral link. You can simply copy and paste this link and email or skype it to your family or friends. Or you can use this link on a website or blog you may have.

2) You can play the Clix Grid game. This game is really easy to play. I personally do not play the game much myself, but I have won as much as $2.00! The maximum you can win is $5.00!









You win cash prizes simply by clicking on the grid. As a free member, you get 30 chances a day. Premium members get 50 chances a day.


3) You can participate in the affiliate programme. Clixsense is a bit more than just a ptc (paid to click) site. It has an in built affiliate programme that allows users to receive real cash commissions when anyone in their downline upgrades to a premium membership. This pays 8 levels deep! The cost to upgrade is $17.00 yearly, but it is well worth it, as you will get $2.00 commission when any of your 1st level referrals choose to upgrade their account. Plus you will get $1.00 on your level 2 – 8 referral upgrades aswell.

Upgraded members at Clixsense also get an average of 4 x $0.01 ads to click daily, as well as 40% 1st level ref click earnings, and upon upgrade you get an instant 100 x $0.01 ads to click. So, upgrading really is worth it if you want to get involved in this programme.

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